How to Make Money with a Cooking Oil ATM Machine Business

It is no secret that Kenya’s cooking oil market prices leave much to be desired, affirming the need for cooking oil ATM machines. Many people, especially small-scale customers, prefer a cooking oil dispenser since they can get oil for as low as ten shillings. As a result, the cooking oil ATM business is a luxurious business venture that can earn you a fortune.

However, there are a few essentials to remember in a Cooking Oil ATM business; here is a step-to-step guide:

Market Survey of the Cooking Oil ATM Machine Business Realm

First, understand the market, especially your potential customers. Who uses oil from a salad ATM? Also, survey your potential competitors and benchmark how they go about their salad ATM business. 

The analysis should be comprehensive since it is a practical guide that will assist you in making the best choices for your cooking oil ATM business. 

Get the Permits to Operate a Cooking Oil ATM.

Running a business has many uncertainties and risks, including the cooking oil ATM machine business. However, nothing beats crashing with law enforcers. It is advisable to seek the necessary permits before planning and investing in a business.

You may be lacking in this aspect, but the Phynetech cooking oil ATM team should greatly help you. After all, our professionals have worked in the industry for almost a decade and have picked up all the essentials in successfully starting a cooking oil ATM business.

Find a Good Location for your Cooking Oil ATM Machine business

The secret to making good money in a cooking oil ATM business is having a good business location. By good, it means the place is accessible, has low competition, and has a large target audience. With that, the salad ATM will likely attract many walk-in customers.

There are two stable options when choosing your cooking oil ATM business location. You can opt for a store where you run the cooking oil ATM and other machines like the milk ATMswater purifiers, and water ATMs

The second option is to deal with your local supermarket or store to have your cooking oil ATM in their space. It can be a long shot, but if you succeed: making cash will be easy. The business already exists; hence, there are many potential customers. So, you can easily make a lot of cash with a suitable cooking oil ATM and high-quality salad oil. 

Settle for the Best Cooking Oil ATM Supplier.

To make good cash for your cooking oil ATM machine business, you must provide your customers with what they need. In our case, the commodity we are selling is the cooking oil. Ensure that you have access to a reliable cooking oil supplier. Research all possible options and place maximum importance on the quality of milk. 

Note that to make good cash from a cooking oil ATM business requires you to sell high-quality oil. You must give your customers the best experience as you try to build their trust in you. So, the oil supplier is a critical factor influencing your business’ success.

Get a High-quality Cooking Oil ATM

Quality is king, especially in cooking oil ATMs. A good salad ATM will carefully dispense the exact amount of cooking oil and track all your sales.

Phynetech cooking oil ATMs are among the best salad ATMs in the Kenyan market. They are locally manufactured by an experienced technical team with the vendors’ needs in mind. Thus, all its features are on-point and offer every vendor the best cooking oil ATM business experience.

So, if you are looking for a reliable and affordable cooking oil ATM, contact our customer care representatives for more details. Also, you can reach us via our social media pages for more information.

How much will you Likely Spend When Starting a Cooking Oil ATM Machine Business? Estimate 

  • Buying Vegetable Cooking oil ATM (100 Litres) – Ksh75, 000
  • Rent & Deposit – Ksh12, 000
  • Transport – Ksh1, 000
  • Relevant Licenses – Ksh4, 000
  • Maximum starting budget = Ksh93, 000

Potential Profits (estimates)

A well-established cooking oil ATM can sell over 160 liters of vegetable cooking oil daily. Why? Because cooking oil from the dispenser has the same quality as packaged vegetable cooking oil yet is 20% cheaper. So with a clean shop and good customer service, there is no reason why you should not sell more than 80 liters daily.

There is even more potential if you partner with a renowned supermarket on a revenue-sharing agreement. That way, you can sell more than 300 liters of vegetable cooking oil daily.

But for now, we will stick with the least amount of 80 liters and do some profit calculations.


  • Four- 20-liter jars of oil each @ 2100 Total= 8,400
  • Sell 160 sh per litre total sales (160 X 80 ltrs) Total = 12,800
  • PROFIT per day =12,800 – 8400 =4,400
  • Estimated Expenses per day (rent=200+employee= 400) total =600
  • *NET PROFIT = 3,800
  • *Monthly NET PROFIT= Ksh 114, 000
  • *MINIMUM PROFIT per Month = Ksh114, 000 (Per ATM)

Following this rule, you will need just 2 months to recoup your initial investment.

Key Takeaways When Running a Cooking Oil ATM Business to Help You Make Good Cash

Despite the potential of a cooking oil ATM machine business, it works similarly to a typical business. It means you can earn good cash but also lose your investment. This section highlights a few pointers to remember, including:

  • Get your cooking oil ATM from an accredited manufacturer like the Phynetech Cooking oil ATM dealers
  • Maintain high-class hygiene
  • Contact the Phynetech Technical Team for frequent Servicing
  • Maintain professionalism with your Cooking Oil Supplier
  • Sell high-quality cooking oil to help you promote your services

The cooking oil ATM machine business is luxurious, but you will need to invest in a KEBS-approved and high-quality salad ATM


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