Cheap Water Refill Station-2taps

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Cheap Water Refill Station-2taps

Original price was: KSh140,000.00.Current price is: KSh110,000.00.

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Water atm/ water vending station- 2tap

  • Has a bottle rinser- cleaning the bottle
  • Has filters -pleated and cto- secondary filtration.
  • Has uv light for water sterilizing
  • Has food grade automatic pump.
  • Had plc which is accurate and precise
  • Keeps daily sales records
  • Custom made branding to suit your taste and style.
  • Connected with food grade clear tank – preferably 3000 or more.
  • Low power consumption
  • Low noise operation.
  • Can sell from as low as 5sh
  • Password protected
  • Has Stainless steel structure which is highly durable.


Water Refilling Station and Water Vending Machine

How to make good cash with water vending machines and water refilling stations

Water Refilling Stations Franchise Business

Hello Pals, there is a new cash-cow in town and it is known as Water Vending machines or the water refilling stations. This is certainly the next big thing and will hit the market with a big bang.
Definitely, people have become more sensitive about their health and consequently, there is a greater preference for purified water as opposed to tap water and borehole water that is not purified.
People are now informed of water-borne diseases that come along with contaminated water. From cholera, typhoid, dysentery, etc. This startup will enjoy a monopoly before this business gets fully realized.
Hence, you rest assured of a large customer base.

How to start water refilling stations business & make good money

Step 1: Find a good location for water refilling station

The secret to success in this business lies in achieving a large volume of sales per day. You therefore should locate your business in an area that is adequately populated.
The more walk-in customers your Water refilling station can attract, the better. But what if finding such a location proves difficult? Well, worry not.

You can approach your nearest supermarket or mini-market and negotiate a revenue-sharing agreement. Like there is one guy from Kahawa who has partnered with Tumaini supermarket. They will give you the space and you will give them the machine and water to dispense. Smart…isn’t it?

Step 2: Choose a good water refilling station

Choose a machine that does not strain your budget and one that has enough capacity to sustain your customers’ demand. You can start small with a 1000 liter/hour Water refilling station and then graduate to a bigger 10000 liter per hr machine as demand rises.

As for purchasing the machine you can either buy one locally from local manufacturers like PHYNETECH LIMITED or import it directly from Italy. Locally manufactured machines are cheaper KES (85, 000- 120, 000) and as you know, it’s a good idea to BUY KENYAN, BUILD KENYA. Here is some tip that will come in handy in your search for good water vending machine/Water refilling station.

*If importing, consider buying the Water refilling station in separate parts to be assembled locally. That will help you save on tax.

*Generally, look for a machine that is easy to use. Preferably one whose technology can be understood even by kids.

*Look for a machine whose spare parts are readily available locally and insist on warranty cover on all your purchases.

TIP: we highly recommend you to purchase one locally because of maintenance that may be required and spare parts available locally. Also remember that locally made is way cheaper than imported which costs between 300,000 to 600,000 before tax.

Step 3: Arrange with a purified water supplier & get relevant licenses

In order to get consistent supplier, it is highly recommended to consult a water vender with a stainless steel tank who is licenced to sell purified drinking water by KEBS and KRA . like Neptune premium drinking water

This is the so called franchise . Franchise helps you start a new business more easily without using a lot of capital. The water supplier will give you copy of KEBS license and KRA license to confirm that his/her water has met standards of KEBS and complies with KRA regulations. Water vending franchise is very cost effective.

Also you need to a license for operating the business (business permit) . Remember water is classified as food hence will require county health certificate. water vending is a very lucrative idea that cannot go wrong.

water refilling machine prices in Kenya is fair.

A small business house will cost rent of KES 6000, business permit will cost you KES 4000 and health license will cost 2500

HINT 1: Areas that fall in Machakos, Kiambu, or Kajiado counties tend to have cheaper single-business permit charges than ones in the core Nairobi despite their proximity to the city. More so they lack pure drinking water. (Examples: Ongata Rongai (Kajiado), Syokimau (Machakos), Githurai 45 (Kiambu), Kahawa Sukari(Kiambu), Kahawa Wendani (Kiambu), Ruaka (Kiambu), Mlolongo (Machakos), Kitengela (Kajiado)), Pipeline, Dandora, Stage Mpya,

HINT 2: Buying a Machine from a company which can provide KEBS licenses, can  do Branding and can supply purified water will greatly reduce the hustle and bustle to start the business. Consequently, it will lower the starting capital. One such company is PHYNE TECH (0720 900 777)

 Phyne tech provides KEBS CERTIFICATE.

kebs requirement

kebs requirement

Phyne Tech further Provides BRANDING

water vending station

water vending station

    Phyne Tech finally DELIVERS WATER  to your shop .


purified water lorry

purified water lorry

bulk purified water

bulk purified water

How Much To Spend As You Start (Estimates)

Buying water refilling station ATM (1000l/liters) – Ksh120, 000

Rent & Deposit – Ksh12, 000

Clear plastic Tank 3000L – Ksh16, 000

Relevant Licenses – Ksh6, 500

Maximum starting budget = Ksh154, 500

Profit potential (estimates) for water refilling stations

A well-established Water refilling station/ water vending machine can sell over 40– 20L bottles per day. This is so because water refill provides the same quality water as the packaged one and it’s cheaper by 45%. So provided your shop is clean and your customer service is on point, there is no reason why you should not sell more than 20—20L bottles per day.

There is even more potential if you partner with a renowned supermarket on a revenue-sharing agreement. That way you can sell more than 60 – 20L bottles per day.

Okay…let’s stop daydreaming and stick to the 25 bottles per day for purposes of calculations.


500L of water @ KES 2 per liter = 1,000

Sell KES 10 per liter (KES 200 for 20L bottle) total sales (25×20 X 10 KES) Total = 5000

PROFIT per day =5000 – 1000 =4,000

Estimated Expenses per day (rent=200+employee= 400) total =600

*NET PROFIT = 3,400

*Monthly NET PROFIT= KES 102, 000

*MINIMUM PROFIT per Month = KES 102, 000 (Per ATM)

Going by this rule, you will need just 2 months to recoup your initial investment.

Final word.

Water ATM/water vending station is easy to start up because it doesn’t require complex licenses to get going. More so, it takes relatively small space hence can be started just outside your shop to cut cost on a new business house. Further, people can join hands and open one then another and keep generating money. Remember water is not perishable it can even stay 12 months without going bad. Isn’t that something worth pondering upon?

Cheers to entrepreneurship and a thirst-quenching journey ahead.  CALL  US TODAY   through 0720 900 777


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