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Salad ATM Machine

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Original price was: KSh45,000.00.Current price is: KSh40,000.00.

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  • Dispense Exact Oil Quantity
  • Affordable & Reliable
  • Remote Machine Management
  • Cost-effective
  • 2-year warrant
  • Automatic Operation
  • Portable for Easy Management
  • Vend salad oil for as low as 10 shillings


Salad ATM Machine

Phynetech salad ATM stands out among the available oil vending machines in Kenya. It is designed to vend precise amounts of cooking oil to match a customer’s budget. Our stainless-steel salad oil dispenser has a programmable logic control where vendors input the client’s budget. Thus, it accommodates and offers excellent services to small-scale customers.

The Phynetech salad ATM machine price in Kenya is between ksh. 45,000 and Ksh. 90,000. Thus, it is pocket-friendly and would be a great plus to your cooking oil ATM business. 

Salad ATM Machine Features

Our salad ATM machine has several straightforward but practical features, including:

  • Stainless steel oil tank: We produce a durable stainless-steel salad oil dispenser to serve vendors for a long time.
  • Efficient Heating System: The inbuilt heating system keeps your salad oil liquified. Thus, dispensing the oil is simple regardless of the weather conditions.
  • Reliable GSM connection: We include GSM technology to help vendors track their oil sales remotely when running a salad oil ATM business. 
  • It has a Programmable Logic Controller: The vending box helps tell the salad ATM of the customer’s amount of money and automatically dispels the correct oil quantity. 
  • A 2-year warrant: Buy our Phynetech salad ATM and have access to two years of warranty.
  • Certified by KEBS: Our team has designed an automatic salad ATM that meets the set standards by the National Food Authority.
  • Accurate: You don’t have to worry about making losses in your salad oil ATM business making losses. After our machines are accurate and dispense the exact amount of oil.
  • Portable and Manageable: Our salad ATMs take up less space in your working area due to their small size; hence, management and portability are at their best.
  • Efficiency: The salad oil ATMs are straightforward to operate and practical.
  • Pocket-friendly prices: Our salad ATMs are made of high-quality materials: wood, metal, and stainless steel. However, the salad ATM prices in Phynetech Kenya are pocket-friendly and with the vendors’ best interest in mind.

How do you operate a Salad Oil ATM machine?

The Phynetech salad oil ATM machine has many automatic features. Hence, operating it is straightforward, and all salad ATM vendors can do it. First, power up the salad ATM by connecting it to a power supply. Then, place an oil dispensing bottle under the mechanized nozzle and enter the price of the salad oil on the vending box.

Since the salad oil dispensing process is automatic, the nozzle will deliver the right amount of oil to the bottle. 

Our salad ATMs are for all small-scale or large-scale customers. After all, they can vend salad oil for as low as KSH 10.

From the details above, the salad oil ATM is a straightforward machine that doesn’t require much hustle. But it is crucial to keep a few points in mind, including:

  • Always have a power backup for your salad oil ATM
  • Keep your salad oil ATM machine connected to power at all times
  • Get in touch with the Phynetech team for regular servicing
  • Maintain good hygiene when running a salad ATM business

Salad Oil ATM Machine Business in Kenya

The demand for salad oil on a budget continues to increase, especially with the rising salad oil prices in Kenya. This situation has led to the popularity of salad ATMs. The Phynetech team has focused on manufacturing the best salad ATM machine that will help you promote your salad oil ATM business in Kenya. Our high-quality salad ATM emphasizes easing the vendor’s salad oil dispensing experience.

Are you thinking of starting a salad ATM business? If yes, we have well-researched tips on how to make money via a salad ATM business.

Salad ATM machine price in Kenya

The salad ATM machine price in Kenya ranges between KSH 45,000 and KSH 90,000. The price options vary depending on what you prefer, the used construction material, and the customized features you’d like to include.

Contact our customer care services for more on the price of salad oil ATMs in Kenya.

Why Choose the Phynetech Salad ATM Machine

High-quality salad oil ATM Machines will make your oil dispensing venture bigger and better. Phynetech salad oil ATMs are the best choices for anyone running a salad oil dispenser business in Kenya. The machine has all the necessary technologies to make your oil vending experience more convenient. 

Our salad ATM prices are pocket-friendly without compromising on quality. Besides, the ergonomic design makes it easy to use. 

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What is a salad oil ATM machine?

A salad oil ATM Machine is an oil vending machine that dispenses salad oil to customers depending on their budget. The vendor must input the amount of money a customer wishes to spend, and the machine automatically measures the oil. Accuracy is at its best, so you can expect to sell the exact amount of oil. 

Where do Kenyans buy Salad ATMs?

Kenyans trust the Phynetech salad ATMs. These machines are famous for their high-class construction and ability to perform all intended roles.  

Is the Salad ATM machine business profitable in Kenya?

Yes! The salad oil ATM business in the country is among the most luxurious business venture you can take. There is a high demand for cost-effective salad oil in Kenya. Hence, there are huge profits among salad oil vendors. 

However, there are a few factors to remember, including location, quality of the salad oil atm, and oil quality. If you are keen on these factors, your salad ATM business is likely to make 4,000 shillings plus.

Is it okay to use salad oil from a salad ATM machine?

Yes! KEBS accredits the Phynetech salad oil ATM since it matches the set standards of dispensing clean salad oil. So, vendors can confidently sell salad oil from these machines. But things like low-quality oil and poor hygiene can easily clean your salad oil ATM business.

Do Salad ATMs have a warranty?

Yes! The Phynetech salad ATMs have a 2-year warranty.


3 reviews for Salad ATM Machine

  1. MK

    Thanks Phynetech for your salad oil ATM

  2. David Retail

    Phynetech offers the best Salad oil ATM in Kenya. I got my machine and I am impressed.

  3. Okoth’s Sellers

    Your Salad ATM machine prices are among the best in Kenya. Thank you for your services

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