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Salty Water Purifier Machine

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Original price was: KSh350,000.00.Current price is: KSh330,000.00.

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  • 100% Desalination
  • Easy to use
  • Sea water and Brackish water purification.
  • Powerful water Filtration
  • 2-year warrant
  • Price 330,000
  • Capacity 500L/h
  • Available in different capacities


Salty Water Purifier Machines 

The phynetech salty water purifier machine is the best for desalination: removing salt from water. Our machines feature innovative systems that effectively remove impurities such as salt. Thus, you can transform salty water into fresh and drinkable water. The automation feature is a big plus for our clients since they aren’t well-versed in its technical aspect.

Salty Water Purifier Machine Features

Phynetech salty water purifier machine is designed to help you convert saline water to fresh water. There are a few features that assist you throughout the process, including:

  • Stainless steel construction: The machines are constructed from stainless steel. Hence, they are durable and corrosion-resistant.
  • UV disinfection: With the salty water filter machine, the water dispensed is free from pathogens, and the PH levels are standard.
  • Multi-stage filters: Our machines are equipped with filters at different levels to ensure the water dispensed is drinkable.
  • Reverse Osmosis System: The reverse osmosis membranes run under high pressure to assist in desalination. It means that the separation between pure water and dissolved solids happens in this stage.
  • Custom features: We customize our salty water filter machines to match the vendors’ business brands or tastes.
  • Available in multiple capacities: We offer tanks in various capacities to cover all our clients’ needs.
  • Efficient: Our machines are approved by KEBS

Advantages of Salty Water Purifier Machines

High Filtration Capability: Our salty water purifiers eliminate all dissolved solids levels leaving your water 100% free from salt and other dissolved solids.

Cost-effective: The Phynetech salty water treatment machine is a one-time investment requiring low maintenance services.

High clean water output capacity: Salty water purifying machines are available in different capacities, some going as high as 1000 liters, with each treatment cycle taking at most thirty minutes.

Easy access to purified water: Do you need help getting enough fresh water? Our salty water filtration machine would be a game-changer. The machine holds high water capacities, and the treatment process takes a short period.

Effective water conservation: An automatic water treatment process supporting 0% water wastage.

How to Operate a Salty Water Purification Machine?

Phynetech salty water purifier machine is relatively automatic. As a result, most of the processes do not require the user’s assistance. First, you need to connect your water purifier properly. That means your inlet water pipe is connected to the machine, and the outlet pipe is connected to a water storage tank. Then, power up the machine and press the start button to treat the water. After it cleans the water, the salty water purifier will dispense it into the storage tank.

When operating the salty water purifying machines, ensure that:

  • You have a power backup in case of a power outage
  • The storage tank in place can hold all the water the machine will clean
  • Maintain hygiene, especially when handling the already-desalinated water

Salty water purifier machine price in Kenya

Our salty water purifier machine price is between KSH 230,000 and KSH 1,000,000. The variation in prices is due to customization or the machine’s capacity. Hence, it would be best to determine your needs and budget before going for a specific product.

Talk to our representatives via social media platforms or call for more details.

Why Choose the Phynetech Salty Water Purification Machine

Dealing with saline water can be frustrating, especially when the quantity of fresh water is low. It means you have water, but it is too salty to use. Considering this situation, the Phynetech technical team manufactured a high-quality salty water filtration machine. It is a machine fully equipped with various filtration technologies to remove salt and other water contaminants. Plus, the design is straightforward, with many automatic features for easy use.

Here are a few reasons why many of our customers trust our brand:

  • High-quality Construction: The stainless-steel salty water purification machine is durable and will serve you for an extended period.
  • Pocket-friendly prices: Our salty water treatment machine prices are pocket-friendly and a worthwhile investment
  • Effective products: Nothing can go wrong with the salty water purifying machine. After all, the products are well-tested and verified.


What is a salty water purifier machine?

It is a water purifier machine with high-class filtration technologies to remove salts and other dissolved solids.

What are the essential considerations when buying a salty water treatment machine?

The quality of your salty water purifying machine will determine its ability to remove salts and other contaminants. Check out the machine’s output capability, filtration processes, price, and construction material.

How often should I clean the salty water purifying machine?

Cleaning the salty water purifying machines at least once every month is best. With that, you will eliminate any contaminant stuck in the machine.

It is crucial to perform constant services to ensure your Phynetech salty water machine is at its best. Contact the Phynetech technical team and let them check out your machine to determine if everything is going right.

Can I use the water from the salty water purifier machine for drinking?

Yes! But you will need a Phynetech salty water treatment machine.

Phynetech salty water purification machines have a multi-stage purification technology that eliminates salt and other contaminants. It means that the water is salt-free and impurities-free.

Where can I buy a salty water purifier machine?

Phynetech salty water filtration machine dealer is the leading manufacturer of high-class salty water purifiers. The technical team has included incredible water filtration technologies that eliminate salt, odor, and other contaminants.

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