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Ultra filtration water purifiers – uf500L

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Components of ultra filtration water plant. .

  • Has a sand filtration tank.
  • has carbon activated tank
  • Has  for cartridge filters namely Precision filter, cto filter, pleated filter and granular filter.- removes odour
  • Has a UV sterilizer – kills bacteria
  • Has UF membrane for more precise physical filtration.
  • Good for municipal water.


An ultrafiltration (UF) water system is an efficient means of removing solids and particulate from your water. Ultrafiltration systems remove all suspended particulate in water on a microscopic level. John Woodard, our Master Water Specialist, answers your frequently asked questions about ultrafiltration.

What is an ultrafiltration system?

Ultrafiltration is a water treatment process that uses a hollow fiber or a sheet membrane to mechanically filter water containing very small particulate. An ultrafiltration drinking water system uses this super fine membrane technology to filter particulate down to 0.025 microns. To help you get an idea just how small that is, the diameter of a human hair is typically about 75-80 microns. This means that an ultrafiltration system works on a micro level, literally taking all suspended solids out of the water.

What is the difference between an ultrafiltration system and a reverse osmosis system?

An ultrafiltration system can filter the most solid particulates in fluids, but it is not able to filter out dissolved particulate like a reverse osmosis system. However, an ultrafiltration system can filter smaller particulate than a microfiltration or standard carbon filter can.

How does an ultrafiltration system work?

Ultrafiltration systems work almost like any other water filtration system. In a sediment filter, water flows through and captures particulate with the porosity of the filter. An ultrafiltration system works in the same way except that it filters anything larger than 0.025 micron, which is much more than your average sediment filter. Typically, we put a carbon filter on the system too to remove bad taste and odor along with suspended solids.


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