Price of Cooking Oil ATMs in Kenya

The Price of cooking oil ATMs in Kenya ranges from KSH 40,000 to KSH 90,000. These differences in the cost of cooking oil ATMs/ salad ATMs are determined by the following:

The capacity of the cooking oil ATM:
Our stainless-steel salad oil ATMs are available between 20litres and 200litres. Of course, the price of cooking oil ATM will depend on your budget and preference. In Phynetech, our current cooking oil ATM prices are as follows:

  • 20 liters capacity @ KSH 35,000

  • 50 liters capacity @ KSH 40,000

  • 100 liters capacity @ KSH 55,000

  • 150 liters capacity @ KSH 70,000 – Includes free GSM connection to your smartphone

  • 200 liters capacity @ KSH 80,000- Includes free GSM connection to your smartphone

Price of cooking oil ATM in Kenya

The Salad ATM Construction Material
There are 3 primary construction materials in salad ATMs, and each comes with a different salad ATM machine price.

  • Wood– Wooden salad ATMs are elegant and fragile, and the cost of the cooking oil ATM is lower than other materials.

  • Metal: It is a cost-effective, durable, and rust-free material

  • Stainless Steel: The best option since it is food-grade, durable, and cost-effective.

Customization requirements
Phynetech Limited keeps the customers’ needs at the center of their cooking oil ATM business. The technical team is flexible in modifying the product to suit the customer’s needs. For branding, we are open to adding colors, text, and images that suit your brand. Further, we add extra features such as connecting the atm with your phone so that it is easy to monitor it even when working remotely. Note that we offer customization of our ATMs, but these services influence the cooking oil ATM prices, and all our products are KEBS-approved.

Cooking Oil ATMs
Cooking oil atms machine


Essentially, a cooking oil ATM is an oil vendor- it assists cooking oil distributors to match the needs of small-scale customers by going for prices as low as ten shillings. Also, the built-in heating system is a big bonus that keeps the oil warm for easy vending in bottles.

Cooking oil ATMs are automatic machines designed to need almost no manual operation. The ATM comes with a programmable logic controller, PLC, where the vendor can input the amount of money a customer has. Naturally, the salad ATM will dispense the precise oil on the bottle or tin below the mechanized nozzle.

Note that the PLC is customizable when you need to change the cost of cooking oil in your ATM since there are constant market changes in salad oil prices.

In simple language, a cooking oil ATM pump is a geared DC pump. It gives it the strength to pump any amount of oil effortlessly. Also, it has a flow rate of about 10 liters per minute, making it ideal for pumping oil without spillage.

Note that when using a cooking oil ATM, there are a few things to remember, including:

  • Ensure that you maintain maximum hygiene when operating the salad ATM
  • Have a power backup system in case of a power outage
cooking oil atm machine
Price of cooking oil ATM in Kenya

Make money with a cooking oil ATM

With the rising cooking oil prices in Kenya, there is a high demand for Salad ATM oil, with many customers buying oil on a budget. This situation points out the opportunities in the cooking oil ATM business and how reasonable the price of cooking oil ATM is in Kenya.

Are you interested in the venture and generating good money from a salad oil ATM? We have a step-by-step guide with cash flow projections for your reference. Follow the link to see how you can make good cash with a cooking oil ATM.


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