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Milk ATM Machine/ atm milk -100L

Atm milk /milk atm – 100L

  • Has two Stainless steel holding tanks of capacity  50L each
  • Keeps daily sales records.
  • Can sell from as low as 10sh.
  • High accurate and precise.
  • Has a cooler to ensure milk is fresh for 72hrs.
  • Custom made branding that suit your taste and style
  • Low noise operation
  • Accredited by Kenya dairy board & KEBS
  • Has a vending box
  • Low power consumption.
  • High Quality & Easy to use PLC
  • High quality self priming and cleaning pump.
  • Password Protected.
  • Has Fridge body for easy cooling.


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Phynetech is a reliable partner and a dealer of Cooking Oil ATMs Machines, Milk Dispensing ATMs Machines, PLCs, Water Purifiers, Automatic Bell systems, and Food Grade Pumps.
We make Kenya Dairy Board-approved milk ATMs machines in Kenya. Our milk ATMs come in different capacities from 100ltrs to 500lts.
The components are all food-grade and approved by Kenya Dairy Board to ensure they meet hygiene standards required considering that milk is a highly perishable product.

The milk ATMs come with a digital control unit for feeding the price of milk the customer wants to buy. The unit is password protected and accurately records and retains sales records.
This ensures that if it’s your employee running the business they can’t manipulate it and steal from you unless they have the password.

The milk dispensing atm machine business is a worthwhile business to venture into with the demand for milk in the urban centers in Kenya. Phynetech Limited has experts who will provide you with after-sales services to help you set up the business, ensuring that you have the right information on how to make more money from the milk dispensing ATM machine.


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