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Water Filling Stations

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Original price was: KSh120,000.00.Current price is: KSh100,000.00.

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  • Starting a water vending station has never been easier
  • Phynetech Limited is here to help you venture into this business
  • We are experts in installing fully functional water filling stations
  • We also commission the water station for you to start generating income right away after installation


Are looking forward to starting a water refilling and filling station in Kenya Today? Then look no more for Phynetech limited is has a team of professional specialists who will help you set up a water station in Kenya.
We put into consideration the following before the water filling station:

  1. Finding a good location:  At Phynetech limited, we help you identify the best place and location you can set up a water station within your area of specialization.
    Identifying the best location to set up a water station is a key and major consideration that will affect you either positively or negatively today. With our specialists, we help you get the best location you can set up a water refilling station.
  2. Choose a quality water refilling station: Choose a machine that does not strain your budget and one that has enough capacity to sustain your customers’ demand. You can start small with a 1000 liter/hr Water filling station in Kenya and then graduate to a bigger 10000 liter/hr machine as demand rises.
    Visit us today for more information on how you can acquire the best water refilling station today and our other products like Cooking Oil ATM or Milk ATM machines.
  3. Organize with purified water suppliers and get relevant licenses:  The last thing to do will be to get purified water suppliers and licensing from the government. At Phynetech Limited as an after-service, we will help you to connect to a water supplier.

1 review for Water Filling Stations

  1. Kelvin Maina

    Amazing water station set up by Phyne Limited. I highly recommend them

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