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  • How to Set Up a Water Refilling Station Business Are you considering venturing into the lucrative business of operating a water refilling station? Look no further! At Phynetech, we are your trusted partner in providing top-of-the-line water

  • Price of Cooking Oil ATMs in Kenya The Price of cooking oil ATMs in Kenya ranges from KSH 40,000 to KSH 90,000. These differences in the cost of cooking oil ATMs/ salad ATMs are determined by

  • Ultrafiltration Water Treatment in Water Purifiers Ultrafiltration water treatment involves passing dirty water via semipermeable membranes to remove almost all organic pathogens and molecules. It can also act as a desalination process. Ultrafiltration is popular among other

  • Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Machine Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment, popularly known as the RO system, is a popular filtration mechanism to eliminate water from impurities. The system cleans contaminated water by pushing it through a

  • How to Start a Water Vending Business in Kenya Are you looking for a lucrative business opportunity in Kenya? Consider venturing into the thriving industry of water vending machines and water refilling stations business. With the increasing demand

  • How to Start a Milk ATM Business Are you considering joining the booming milk ATM business in Kenya? With the increasing demand for fresh and hygienic milk and the convenience offered by automated vending machines, this industry

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