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Cooking Oil ATMs Machine

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Original price was: KSh50,000.00.Current price is: KSh42,000.00.

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  • Accurate
  • Available capacities range from 50L to 200L
  • Pricing between KSH 40,000 and KSH 90,000
  • Reprogrammable features to suit a vendor
  • Remote management and sales updates
  • 2-year warranty
  • Inbuilt self-cleansing system
  • Customizable to take sales as low as KSH 10
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Cooking oil ATM Machine

Cooking oil ATM machines are automated vending machines designed to vend precise amounts of cooking oil to match a customer’s budget. Our salad ATMs come with a vending box where you input the money a client has, and it dispenses oil worth that amount of money. As a result, it is convenient to sell small amounts of cooking oil.

Besides, Phynetech offers high-quality stainless steel cooking oil dispensers at an affordable price without compromising quality.

Cooking oil ATM Features

Our cooking oil ATM has many practical features that add to the machines’ efficiency, including:

  • Inbuilt heating system: The Cooking oil ATM has a heating system to keep vegetable oil liquified. Hence, it is convenient to vend cooking oil from the machines even in severely cold temperatures.
  • Stable GSM SMS connection: Our Global System for Mobile communication, GSM, allows you to monitor your cooking ATM from anywhere. The system connects the machine to your phone, allowing remote communication and monitoring of sales records.
    Custom features: Do you need a custom-made cooking oil ATM? We also customize the equipment based on your requirements and preference. Request a custom quote.
  • It includes the Programmable Logic Control, PLC: It is easy to communicate with the cooking oil ATM via our well-programmed vending box.
  • We offer a 2-year warranty on the machine: Our team is confident about our machines and their efficiency. As a result, we have a two-year warranty for our clients for machine breakage or becoming faulty.
  •  Timely response to servicing requests: The Phynetech technical team responds promptly to help you with any technical issue while using the cooking oil ATM. This ensures that your cooking oil business is always in operation.
  • Small-size and moveable: Phynetech cooking oil ATMs come in small sizes. Hence, it doesn’t occupy much space in your shop or business. Also, the moveable features make our machine more convenient to store and transport.
  • High-quality machines: We focus on delivering our customers the best cooking oil ATM machines to help vendors make more cash with cooking oil ATMs. With that, every customer has 100% customer satisfaction, and our machines are accredited as top-quality products by many Kenyans.
  • Efficiency: The cooking oil ATMs are easy to operate and maintain.
  • High-quality construction materials: Our cooking oil ATMs are available in three primary materials, wood, metal, and stainless steel. So it is easy for customers to choose their preferred construction material. Of course, the price of the cooking oil ATM machine under Phynetech varies depending on your preferred material.

Advantages of a Cooking Oil ATM

  • Accuracy: The cooking oil dispenser is 100% accurate in dispensing small amounts of oil as low as KSH 10/-.
  • Saves times: It takes a fraction of a minute to dispense any amount of cooking oil. This cannot be compared with manual methods of measuring and dispensing cooking oil.
  • Track sales: With a cooking oil dispenser, you can track sales for any specified period of time, including daily, weekly, and monthly.
  • Remote sales monitoring: You can track your business’s daily sales remotely from your smartphone.
  • Reduce oil spillages: The stainless steel cooking oil dispenser ensures 0% cooking oil spillage, therefore, ensuring there are zero losses.
  • Improved hygiene: The cooking oil is dispensed directly to the customer bottle through a stainless food-grade nozzle. The oil does not get in contact with hands, ensuring no contamination.

How Does Cooking Oil ATM Machine Work?

Working with the Phynetech cooking oil ATM is as simple as working with a typical ATM. Our team has focused on automating many features easing the operation process. The first step is to set up your machine in your preferred location. You don’t have to worry about the process since the Phynetech team will teach you this process after delivering your cooking ATM.

After setting it up, you must place a cooking oil container below the mechanized nozzle and key in the customer’s total money. Naturally, the nozzle will vend the precise amount of cooking oil to match the cash inputted.

Note that our ATMs are for all, and you can program cooking oil prices as low as ten shillings.

There are a few takeaways when operating the cooking oil ATM, including:

  • Keep the cooking oil ATM powered up at all times
  • Invest in a stable power backup in case of power outages
  • Ensure that the machine is properly maintained and installed
  • Constantly monitor your cooking oil ATM and look out for any faulty function

Is Cooking Oil ATM Business Profitable in Kenya?

Yes! Vegetable cooking oil prices continue to skyrocket in the country. As a result, many families depend on cooking oil ATM machines to buy cooking oil on a budget. After all, the machines allow cooking oil dispensing for as low as ten shillings. Small-scale cooking oil consumers prefer to buy cooking oil from cooking oil ATMs. Thus cooking oil ATM Business in Kenya continues to be among the most luxurious businesses.

Are you thinking of joining the cooking oil ATM business venture? If yes, we have a few pointers you can use to start and succeed in the business. We will share a stable plan that will never go wrong. After all, we have been manufacturing cooking oil ATMs for almost a decade and have interacted with many successful clients. Below are some helpful tips to kickstart your cooking oil ATM business.

Cooking Oil ATM Business Market Survey

A comprehensive market survey will help you get into the market with helpful information. It helps you understand what to remember and keep off from for a successful cooking oil ATM business. You get to understand existing competition, target market, business gaps to exploit, and how to minimize risks.

Business Plan for Cooking Oil Business

After understanding the market, you need a plan. In this section, you must highlight what you will do to succeed in the cooking oil ATM business, from starting it, financing it, and growing it. With that, you can make good cash with a cooking oil ATM machine.

Business Permits for Cooking Oil Business

To avoid crashing with the law enforcers in Kenya as you run your cooking oil ATM business, ensure you understand the proper permits to get. Our cooking oil ATM machine team is well-versed in this area and would greatly help you.


Once everything is set, research on functional areas you can establish your business. The area must have good hygiene, accessible by customers and suppliers, and be a hotspot for selling cooking oil.


By the time you are settling on your location, you must already have an idea of the possible oil suppliers. However, consider the oil quality and their ability to supply oil to your business location.

Buying a Cooking oil Dispenser

Phynetech cooking oil dispenser machines excel in efficiency. The machines are high-quality, easy to use, and will serve you for a long time. Our servicing is worthwhile since it ensures the cooking ATMs are in excellent condition.

Cooking Oil ATM price in Kenya

How much is an ATM for cooking oil? Phynetech cooking oil ATM price in Kenya is between 45,000kshs and 90,000kshs. The prices depend on capacity, construction material, and customization requirements. For more information, check out the price of cooking oil ATM machines in Kenya to understand the available options.

Why Choose Phynetech Cooking Oil ATM Machine

Never compromise on quality when getting a cooking oil ATM Machine. Because of that, you need to be careful of the machines you buy. Fortunately, Phynetech cooking oil ATMs are the leading equipment in Kenya. Our team has spent quality time manufacturing high-quality, easy-to-use, and effective machines.

Besides, our prices are affordable, and you are confident of a 100% money-back guarantee after investing in the cooking oil ATMs. Other than cooking oil ATMs, our manufacturing team has manufactured water vending ATMs, Milk ATMs, and Water Purification & Treatment Machines.

Contact us if you have any inquiries!


What is a cooking oil ATM?

A cooking oil ATM Machine is a dispenser that vends cooking oil to customers in a convenient and pocket-friendly manner. It requires one to key in the customers’ budget, and the cooking oil dispenser will dispense the right amount.

How much does a cooking oil ATM cost?

Phynetech cooking oil ATMs range between 45,000kshs to 90,000kshs. The prices may rise or fall depending on the construction material, customization, and the machine’s capacity.

Where can I buy a cooking oil ATM in Kenya?

Kenyans get Phynetech cooking oil ATMs. You can order the machine from anywhere; our team will ensure it gets to you in the best condition.

Is the cooking oil ATM business profitable in Kenya?

Yes! The cooking oil ATM business in Kenya is profitable due to the high demand for cost-effective cooking oil and the convenience of the machine. You can make over KSH 4,000 daily in a cooking oil ATM business with a good location and high-quality cooking oil atm.

Is it safe to use cooking oil from a vending machine?

Yes! Phynetech Cooking oil ATMs are food-grade and approved by KEBS. However, a few factors can compromise safety, including low-quality oil and poor hygiene. So, cooking oil vendors must observe hygiene while operating the stainless steel cooking oil dispenser.

9 reviews for Cooking Oil ATMs Machine

  1. Kelvin Maina

    Thanks, Phynetech. My Stainless-steel cooking oil dispenser has never failed.

  2. esther Sagana

    Thanks phyneTech , 2 yrs down and my salad atm works excellently,

  3. Joska supermarket

    Kudos Phyne , The flow sensor you put in my machine has solved the calibration problem once and for all , i recommend you anytime anyday

  4. DC supermarket

    Thank you Phyne Tech, four years with your cooking oil atm has not only attracted more customers but has made my business more profitable.

  5. Matangi supermarket

    Excellent customer care services. The equipment are well functional and efficient. Selling salad oil with Phynetech cooking oil ATM is incredible. You can offer practical vegetable oil prices and have liquid oil at all times, regardless of the season.


    I have used this cooking oil atms for around 2yrs now, I can confirm its dependable quality, and high accurate.Thanks PHYNETECH.

  7. Carol Classic Ruai

    My ATM has come along way in making it easier to sell oil and monitor profitability at every sale. Thanks to this Innovation.

    • admin


  8. Tecla enterprise-kahega

    Your idea about cooking oil atm /salad atm is brilliant,
    We are able to closely monitor our profits from oil. INNOVATION FOR BETTER LIFE.

    • admin

      thank you so much



    The cold weather of Limuru made it almost impossible to sell liquid oil. THANKS to Phyne cooking oil atm with a warming module which has come in handy to make it easier and efficient to vend oil. 👍🏼

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