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Water Purifier for Schools in Kenya

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Has activated carbon filtration

Has sand or quartz filtration

Has water softening

Has cartridge filtration with ultrafiltration filter

Has reverse osmosis filtration

Has uv sterlizer.


Best water purifier for schools in Kenya.

Healthy living starts with drinking pure water. The demand for clean drinking water has recently become a fundamental human right. Purified water ensures our kids are kept away from waterborne diseases such as typhoid, dysentery, cholera, giardia, hepatitis A, salmonella, and H. Pylori. Research from the National Library of Medicine in the USA (2022) shows that most people suffering from H. pylori, which brings forth extreme ulcers is due to drinking untreated water.


In a recent predicament, in MUKUMU girls high school , two students lost their lives due to water related food poisoning. This is too much to lose. In a similar incident, 79 students  from Butere  boys were hospitalized because of water related food poisoning.

Further research depicts that most schools depend on harvested rain water or untreated river or tap water. For this reason, there is less or no treatment done. In other cases , schools with borehole water  do not treat it at all and hence expose the students high fluoride levels which in turn causes bone hardening or teeth discoloration over time. In the year 2021, in Baringo county , it was evident that water with high fluoride and  high TDS (total dissolved solids)  is not good for drinking.

Residents in Baringo have been crippled even at ages below 35years to constantly drinking untreated water which has high fluoride levels.

In view of these challenges , this is where we Phyne Tech come in hardy. Through our 10years  experience  and research in this industry, we have been able to come up with  Water purifiers for schools in Kenya.

We begin by Testing the water which is being used by the students or pupils for drinking. This tests will help us know the optimum method or machine to use to do the treatment. In case the water passes the test , then there is no need for treatment.

Secondly, we look out for what capacity is required per hour or per day . this will help us to know the size of the machine to be used.

We PHYNETECH have introduced a water purifier for schools by the name RO250L which is suitable for tap water, bowser water and or borehole water purification. This is a robust purifier that purifiers almost any water no water the condition.

water purifiers for school

water purifiers for school

  1. First and foremost,  the machine with help of reverse osmosis membrane and  uv sterilizer kills and removes all cysts, protozoa, virus, bacteria, fungi, algae which are common causes of water borne diseases.
  2. Secondly, it removes arsenic compounds. These are due to irrigation and spraying of crops with fungicides, insecticides, pesticides,. These compounds find their way to the river and could be consumed if they are not removed during treatment of river water.(note: most tap water has arsenic compounds)
  3. Thirdly,  removes heavy metals including , lead, fluoride , copper , barium and sulphates. This enhances the taste of the drinking water while eliminating fluoride which causes bone hardening and teeth discoloration.
  4.  Lastly , it removes odour/smell  in the water may be from rocks underneath or chlorine and thereby giving palatable drinking water.


In conclusion, there is dire need for pure water in our schools here in Kenya. It is the only way  to ensure comfort and healthy living of our students. In that case, we clean water as a necessity. Phynetech brings you high-quality water purifier for schools in Kenya. Our innovative machines eliminate 100% of toxins and deliver pure water at all times.

Give us a call today on  0720 900 777   for more information on the water treatment machines for Schools.

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  1. Bursar

    Kapsowar girls
    Great work by phyne tech .
    Strangers who become friends of this great school

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