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Drinking Water Purifier Machines in Kenya

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  • Multi-stage filtration to eliminate 100% of water contaminants
  • Easy to use
  • Dispenses pure and ready-to-drink Water
  • Affordable and Efficient
  • Power-saving
  • Accredited by KEBS


The drinking water purifier machines help treat water and eliminate 100% of the contaminants for business or at home. Phynetech water filter machine is the best option from construction to operation. It is a stainless-steel water purification machine that is cost-effective, easy to use, and reliable. Thus, getting this equipment is a worthwhile investment.

We have implemented advanced technologies that effectively clean water, eliminating 100% of the harmful toxins. Besides, the water purifier machine’s price is pocket-friendly.

Our dedicated team is ready to take you through essential details on our machines, including water purifier machine prices. So, ensure you contact us for more.

Drinking Water Purifier Machines’ Features

Phynetech water purification machine features include:

  • Built-in UV Sterilizer: Helps in eliminating pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, and protozoa
  • Reverse Osmosis Membranes: There are two reverse osmosis membranes where most contaminants are separated from the water molecules.
  • Includes a cartridge Filter: We include the cartridge filter in our water filter machine processes to remove odor and toxic contaminants.
  • It features a stainless-steel construction: Phynetech water purifier machines are constructed with stainless steel making them durable and reliable.
  • Approved by KEBS: Our machines match the standards set by KEBS in treating water for home or business.
  • Efficient Services: Purify water from all sources and ready it to drink.
  •  Functional Dosing: It continuously checks the water PH to ensure its level is alright for drinking.

How to Operate a Water Purification Machine?

The Phynetech technical team has researched and manufactured water purifier machines for almost a decade. We have achieved great success with almost all our features being automatic. As a result, operating the machine is simple and something almost all our clients can follow.

Generally, after getting the Phynetech water filter machine, our team will set it up for you unless you have an in-house expert. In that case, the first step when operating the machine is powering up the water purification machine by switching on the power. Next, use the control panel to kick off the water treatment process.

After that, the contaminated water naturally passes via different filter machine processes, including the  reverse osmosis water treatment.

The water dispensed from the water filter machines is safe to drink since the machine eliminates 100% of the contaminants.

Water Purifier Machines Price in Kenya

The Phynetech water purifier machine prices in Kenya range between KSH 230,000 and KSH 1,000,000. Our water filter machine prices vary depending on water quantity and customization requirements.

For example, if you request our team to customize your water purification machine to match your brand, the price is higher than standard equipment. Also, a 5000L water filter machine costs more than a 1000L water purifier.

Why choose the Phynetech Water Purifier Machines?

Phynetech water purifier machines are the best water treatment machines in Kenya. Our water purification machine kills 100% of the contaminants dispensing ready-to-drink water. There are several filters in the equipment where contaminated water must pass through before dispensing it into a storage tank.

The water filter machine price is pocket-friendly; the prices are manageable by small and large-scale clients. Also, the water purification machine is power-saving equipment, ensuring that your power bills are manageable.

We have a 2-year warranty policy where our technical team will assist you in case of any functional issues. Also, after-buy services involve constant maintenance to ensure your water filter machine works correctly.

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FAQs on Water Purifier Machines

What are Water Purifier Machines?

Water filter machines use advanced treatment technologies to eliminate harmful contaminants from water sourced from different places. It helps make contaminated water safe for consumption.

What are the benefits of using a Phynetech water purification machine?

They eliminate 100% of the impurities in contaminated water. There are reverse osmosis membranes, UV sterilizers, cartridge Filters, and sand filters that work together to ensure the water is 100% safe to dream. You can consume and use the dispensed water in sensitive industries such as dairy products.

Does a Phynetech water filter machine eliminate all the contaminants?

Yes! They use a multi-filter system that eliminates all impurities from pathogens to dissolved solids.

Do Phynetech water purification machines have a Warranty?

Yes! The Phynetech water purification machines come with a 2-years warranty. In that case, you can quickly consult with our technical team in case of anything, especially on functionality.

How long can you use the Phynetech water purifier machines?

For 5+ years. But you must change the filters every six months, primarily if operating a water treatment machine business.

Note that there isn’t any standard information about how long water filter machines should serve you. As a result, it is essential to consult with our technical team about the water treatment machine’s condition. These professionals will give you feedback about your equipment and notify you in case of anything.

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